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Real estate owners, investors, and the professionals who advise them,  know the value of asking financial "what if" questions prior to making a decision to invest in or dispose of real estate.  They also know the importance of getting prompt and accurate information to address those questions.  Since thousands of dollars will likely be involved in a purchase or sale, obtaining reliable analytical information is as vital to success as obtaining a preliminary title report. 

In most instances, "buying it right" is the single most important factor that leads to a profitable investment that achieves the investor's targeted return objectives.

Realty  Investment Reports addresses that need by taking the client's assumptions of the property's present and future performance, and e-mailing the client a detailed 10-year report containing projections to help the client make an informed decision.  We give our clients access to the sophisticated investment analysis data used by major players to evaluate income properties, thereby making them better competitors.

Using your credit card, purchase a subscription, then enter your data assumptions on our Data Sheet.  A confidential and comprehensive report will be e-mailed to you within 3-business days. In addition to accessing their reports on their desktop computer, our service allows subscribers to obtain reports while in the field--on their laptop computer, iPhone, BlackBerry, cell phone, or other mobile device!

Subscribers will have up to 7-calendar days to enter their assumptions and obtain up to 3 separate reports (on the same property or on different ones, if they choose).  The cost of the basic 7-day, 3-report subscription is only $199.00 -  only about $66.00 per report.  A single report can be purchased for the discounted price of just $100.00 and the subscriber will have up to 5-calendar days to enter their data.   

Our reports can even accommodate situations wherein a subscriber does not have complete detailed data on a property, and must rely in part on percentage estimates.

Based on the client's assumptions, reports will include 10-year projections of:

Before and After Tax Operating Statements, containing detailed Cash Flows and Expenses  

Taxable Income 

Cash on Cash Returns 

Before and After Tax Equity Reversion (Profit from Sale) Analysis 

Multi-Year Internal Rates of Return (IRR) 

Also included will be calculations of:

Capitalization (Cap) Rate 

Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) 

Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR)

Other information important to deciding the property's investment suitability.  

The client merely buys a 5 or 7-day subscription, enters their investment assumptions in the data sheet, and submits it online.  We do the work, and e-mail a detailed report to the client within 3- business days.  It's that easy and convenient for busy investors to use this affordable, sophisticated, and time saving real estate income property analysis resource.

There is no software to purchase, install and learn, or to upgrade when changes occur, such as changes in the tax law.  Our reports are designed to incorporate the latest tax information affecting real estate investments in the United States.  

Also, sufficient time is allowed for clients to discuss property assumptions with their real estate, accounting, tax, and legal advisors prior to submitting them for analysis. 

Purchase your reports today to quickly and conveniently obtain the detailed, sophisticated analytical information you need to make your income property purchase or sale decision.  Realty Investment Reports gives its subscribers an edge that allows them to compete with anyone.  We look forward to giving you that edge in the income property investment business. Our goal is to help you avoid this.

When The Deal Looks Real - Get Your Edge!



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